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Upcoming shows

Previous guest musicians…

We‘ve had a plethora of prestigious performers at JATE since we started…

…and sooner or later, they’ll be back! Our thanks to:


Dave Priseman: trumpet

Pete Billington: piano

Pete Oxley: guitar

Anita Wardell: vocals

John Etheridge: guitar

Lily Dior: vocals

Chinara Sharshenova: violin

Simon Spillett: saxophone

Neil Angilley: piano

Liam Dunachie: piano

Jeremy Brown: bass

Tim Lapthorn: piano

Phil Scragg: bass

Jeremy Shoham: saxophones

Don Richardson: bass

Rick Finlay: drumsAlec Dankworth: bass

Eriko Ishihara: piano

Eleazar Ruiz: bass

Gunther Kurmayr: keys



The Elephant Inn, 283 Ballards Lane, London N12 8NR



020 8361 0265

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